Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The Talent Pool Debate

Doug Miller's excellent blog ontalent (http://ontalent.typepad.com/) focusses on the interaction of the recruiter and the candidate.

As the entire issue of CRM (candidate relationship management) is close to my heart, I have been adding my $.02 to his debate - which he kindly quoted in today's blog. I have referred to an emerging term, the Talent Puddle. Why? Because a pool is a very deep and often unfathomable body of water - and, to be honest, many many recruiters are too pressed for time to search beneath the surface (at best) or just too darn lazy (at worst) to get the best candidates who are lurking in the deeper water.

So, what they want is a Talent Puddle - a very shallow pool of candidates that can be easily found and easily caught.

I will be adding more thoughts and analogies to the Talent Pool debate later on - using some 'real world' fishing examples.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005



This is my welcoming message on e-recruitment strategy. Although the focus will be on UK/Europe, I hope that the participation will be global.

One of my key drivers will be talking about Customer Care - and I define the customer as every individual in the recruitment experience (thanks to Hank Stringer for that phrase). The line manager, recruiter, intermediary and, of course, the Candidate.

I welcome comments from all the customers.

Happy Internet Recruiting